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Within these pages, you'll find a variety of writers' tools: books on writing, bestsellers, dictionaries, thesauri and lexicons. You'll also discover important links to some of your favorite writers' websites for writing advice and for searching out publishers, editors and agents. Products, gifts and services tailored especially for writers are at your fingertips. Browse ink pens, wine accessories, chocolates, cheeses, coffees and teas. There are travel and leisure bargains, comfy pajamas and even flowers for your mate--or to just cheer up a room. You'll find screensavers and relaxing music intended to sooth a tired mind as well as exciting, dynamic rhythms that will get your pulse pumping and your prose jumping.
Writers Matrix is a Web site designed for writers, about writers, by writers.  We will do everything we can to help support, inform and equip writers with what they need to fulfill their passion to the best of their ability.
We deal mostly in free information. But some of the things writers need aren't free. For this, Writers Matrix links you with the most trusted and secure Internet retail sites; companies like Amazon, Abe Books and Barnes and Noble.
If your writers group or organization isn't listed on Writers Matrix, contact us. We'll list it as long as you can give us either a valid Web address with email contact or a working phone number.  Also, if you have a member you'd like to recognize by featuring her or him on our site as "Writer of the Month," click HERE and we'll tell you the simple steps to do so--and it's free.
Lastly, if you know of a Web site that you think would benefit writers and we don't have it linked on our site, please let us know. Or, if any of our links are no longer valid or are incorrect, please drop us an email.
Once in a blue moon a writer will run across something really valuable--this is it! Thanks for stepping in from that cold, grey world and into something warm and friendly.  You'll be very glad you did !
Thank you, and go write some really good stuff!


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