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Agents, Editors & Traditional Publishers

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Search for agents, editors and publishers through several different writers' reference Web sites. Also, you can ensure agents and editors are legitimate and scrupulous before you deal with them.

Publishers Marketplace

Where you can research up to the minute deals--what editor bought whose book through what agent and for how much!



 Writers Market

Where you can research editors, publishers and agents--find out what they're looking for and how to submit to them.



Literary Marketplace

Research what's happening now in the publishing idustry!



Preditors and Editors

Want to find out if there are complaints out on a specific editor or agent? Check out this site and you'll probably find out--writer beware!


  Self Publishing





This is not a complete list, by far--it is always being updated.  Please help us keep it current by letting us know of new resources.  Thank you!



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