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Here's the basic layout of Writers Matrix.  Simple, once you get used to it--and you will quickly.

 Writers Matrix Site Illustration
We'll start with the Main Panel:
1. The Main Panel is where you'll find current, important info.  There'll always be a greeting as well as postings of important issues such as upcoming events and contests, specific writing news, the highlighting of a particular writers' organization as well recognizing special folks for their helpful service to other writers.  You'll also see three buttons (one of which you must have clicked on to get here): Blue a blue button to welcome the first-time visitors, green a green button for help in navigating this site in order to more easily and quickly find the hundreds of important pages and links, Red and a red button that explains our privacy policy and how important it is that we respect you, our visitor. 
On each side of these colored buttons are image links.  The one on the left will take you to the Calendar of Writers Events and the one on the far right leads to our interactive US Map where you can seek out local writers' organizations, including local chapters of national organizations, as well as independent writers' clubs, writers' groups, critique groups and writers' associations and their events. Local-Writers'-Orgs.html. 
Try out our Calendar and the US Map back on the home page--they're kinda fun!

The next thing that will catch your eye is the really colorful "Quicklinks" bars.  On them, you'll find a few shortcuts to some of the most used links on the site, like: National Writers Organizations; Upcoming Contests; Upcoming Seminars; Local Writers Organizations; Reference/Thesaurus/ Dictionary/Translator; Agents, Editors & Publishers; and Submit Your Writers Event/Group/Writer (so that we can get them listed and featured on Writers Matrix!). 
After our featured news, organizations, writers, websites and books, you'll find a few more advertisers, all marketing products and services useful to writers, and all very eager to get your patronage.  Below them on the last row are five of our sister websites that you may find of interest outside of your writing life.  You'll see them explained briefly below: 


For the Family, Single Woman, Single Man: WMx Family is designed especially for today's modern, busy family to keep them healthy and happy. There are information, resource and reference links to: important health and medical sites; tips on home and garden issues and relationships concerns; and numerous products and services for the home and family. The World will be at your fingertips! Please, take a minute to check it out. 


From WMx Go! you'll find everything you need.  You can: launch to Sports Scores, Stock Markets, Games or Movies; purchase electronics and even reserve airfare and hotel stays; get the latest News and Weather; even download movies and TV shows. So whether you're kicking back, flying out or just catching up, you've found the perfect spot. Sit back, surf around...and enjoy! 

WMxMall   WMxSports   GK

You'll also see links to WMx Mall where you can find about any product from just about anywhere, WMx Sports for information and products for the sports nut of the family, and the personal website of our founder, Gordon A Kessler; author, editor and instructor, extraordinaire (let's hope he's updated that dreary site of his!). 


Spelling of Internet terms used on this site is according to current listings from Edit Owl (http://www.editowl.com).Spelling errors are our fault.  Please email us at Webmaster@WritersMatrix.com  if you find any misspellings on any page of this site.

Disclaimer: Use of trademarks and company names does not constitute an endorsement of any of these companies, their products or services by this Web site. Nor does it indicate an endorsement by these companies or entities of this Web site.

Above, you'll see the two "disclaimer" paragraphs that are at the bottom of the home page.  The first one explains the spelling conventions we've used for Internet terms as well as asks you to not only forgive our poor spelling, but to also let us know when you find where we've erred.  The second disclaimer states that we are not responsible for the quality of the products, information or services that our advertisers are hoping to attract you with or even for the service provided by these advertisers.  Of course, we wouldn't have them on the site if we didn't feel they had something useful to offer and that they'd only provide our visitors with quality products and the very best service.  


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