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Storybinder is a new, convenient twist to an old idea. It combines storyboarding (with our new StoryStormer plotter), marker plotting, note carding, clustering and character sketches, as well as critique, review and submission tracking all into one, compact notebook, specially designed for the writer with story generation in mind. 


Simple to use, you can carry it with you to the library, the park, the coffee shop, critique groups, seminars and even conferences. With Storybinder you always have your story there at your fingertips, ready to get busy whenever the creative juices begin to flow. It’s the perfect companion for the novelist, screenwriter and short story writer on the go-and what a great gift idea for the creative writer in the family! 


Here’s what you get, for one low, introductory price: 

1.    a specially made, three-ring binder (in white, medium blue or black) with eight colorful dividers; 

2.    a compact three-hole punch to easily add pages; 

3.    a two pocket, zippered pencil pouch for markers, highlighters, pens, Post-It notes and other important supplies; 

4. two panoramic, 11” X 17” paper protectors with StoryStormer prompt sheets inserted, to give you an easy to use and portable storyboard (unfolds out to 11” X 34”); 

5.  four, color markers to use especially with the StoryStormer ™  storyboard and the Clustering Brainstorming Engine; 

6.    a two-sided magnetic photo page for photos and clippings; 

7.    special, rectangular Post-It Notes to facilitate story element visualization; 

8. numerous prompt sheets concerning story plotting, storyboarding, clustering, characterization and character sketches, description and specificity, as well as  setting scenes.


Sold separately, these items would add up to over $40.00. Storybinder, organized into one neat package, retails for only $29.95--but your price for this amazing and fun product during our introductory offer is even better: 

$24.95  (+ shipping and handling) for a limited time only!

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