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James Rollins

Doug Preston-Lincoln Child

Arlene Rains Graber

James Rollins

Douglas Preston / Lincoln Child

Arlene Rains Graber



 Lee Lofland

Starla Kaye

Ray "Grizzly" Racobs

 Lee Lofland

Other Writer Friends

Want to be listed?  These listings are free--all you have to do is email us at Widget: email cloaker "> !

Dan Brown: www.danbrown.com


Tess Gerritsen: www.tessgerritsen.com


John Grisham: www.randomhouse.com/features/grisham 


Stephen King: www.stephenking.com


Dean Koontz: www.randomhouse.com/bantamdell/koontz/ot/index.html


Merline Lovelace: www.merlinelovelace.com


Nancy Mehl: www.nancymehlbooks.com


Nora Roberts: www.noraroberts.com


C. E. Winterland: www.mindsightseries.com

Andrew Aldrich, aka Cade Russell is author of Old West fiction including: Blood for Blood, More than One, Ten in Town, That Kind of Man, The Ghost of Boot Hill, The Time to Kill and Time Four Tales, Volume I: Hangman. www.caderussell.com

Robert Beattie is NYT best-selling author of Nightmare in Wichita: The Hunt for the BTK Strangler and Language of Evil. robert-beattie.com

Starla Criser, aka Starla Kaye, is author of If You Loved Me, Ranch Heat anthology, Whiskey's Rebellion, Executive Decision and more. www.starlakayeromance.com .  She has a new blog at starlakayeromance.blogspot.com.

Bonnie Eaton, aka B. J. Myrick, is author of Dark Side of the Rainbow, a short story collection of dark fiction. Her site features book reviews and interviews, writing articles and poetry. www.sktc.net/~beaton

Arlene Rains Graber has over 20 years of experience writing for newspapers and magazines. She is working on a novel and a book of devotionals. arlenerainsgraber.com

Robert L. Iles is the author of Incidental Death; Blood, Threat and Fears;The Burning Woman; and Dead Wrong. www.robertiles.com

Conrad Jestmore is a writer of poetry and prose that has appeared in national publications and journals. www.animalreikitherapy.com

James P. Johnston and Jon Roe are authors of Flight from Dallas about the Kennedy assasination. www.flightfromdallas.com

Gordon A. Kessler is author of Jezebel, Dead Reckoning and Novel Writing Made Simple. www.gordonkessler.com . His other websites include: www.writersmatrix.com , www.wmxfamily.com, www.wmxgo.com and several others.

Mike Klaassen writes novels for young adults.  Titles include Cracks and The Brute. www.mikeklaassen.com

Tom Mach is author of Sissy!, All Parts Together and The Uni Verse. www.atlasbooks.com/hillsongpress/index.html

John Madden produces motivational seminars and is author of Leap, Don't Sleep! www.LeapDontSleep.com

Sheri L. McGathy is an award-winning fantasy writer and author of numerous fanatasy novels. http://sherilmcgathy.com

Nancy Mehl is author of Graven Images, The Bare Bones, and Malevolence. www.nancymehl.com

Peg Nichols' blog: www.mediationbychoice.blogspot.com

Erin Perry O'Donnell is an award-winning freelance writer. www.odcreative.com/erin

Louise Pelzl, aka Louise Z. Minor is author of The Sisterhood of the Coin. www.zminor.com

Ray "Grizzly" Racobs is a freelance writer with a light humor column that runs in the Kansas Senior Times and also the author of Oro, The Incredible Dog, and Oro, The "Tail" Continues. www.grizzlysbooks.com

Lois Ruby is author numerous novels for children and young adults. www.loisruby.com

Ruth Scheer is author of literature for children including Hippopotamus, My Friend, Giraffe at the Zoo, Elephant's Trunk and The Mouse and the Angel. scheerdelightpub.com

Wm Mark Simmons is author of Dead Easy, Habeas Corpses, Dead On My Feet, One Foot in the Grave, Dreamland Chronicles, When Dreams Collide and The Net of Dreams. www.sff.net/people/wm.mark.simmons

Patty Swyden Sullivan is author of short stories appearing several anthology publications. www.pattyswydensullivan.com

Bonnie Tharp is author of several short stories, articles and the novel Feisty Family Values to be debut early 2010. www.bdtharp.com

Richard Walkup writes fiction short stories, novels and personal essays. www.richardwalkup.com

James D. Yoder is author of The Yoder Outsiders, Song in a Nazi Night, Lucy of the Trail of Tears, A Branson Love, Sarah of the Border Wars, Barbara: Sarah's Legacy, Simone: a Saint for Outsiders, and Echoes Along the Sweetbrier. www.yoderbooks.com

More writers' Web sites: http://www.forwriters.com/authors-w.html

Help us find more writers' Web sites!  Please, email their information, and we'll check them out and list any legitimate (non pornographic) writers's Web site.

This is not a complete list, by far--it is always being updated.  Please help us keep it current by letting us know of new resources to add.  Thank you!

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