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  • Online community for writers of fiction and nonfiction, screenplays, short stories, novels, poetry, memoirs, thrillers, romance, scifi, mystery, western, suspense. A landing website for writers to launch searches for writing help, advice, writing services, writing products, publishers, editors and agents.
  • Search for agents, editors and publishers through several different writers' reference Web sites. Also, ensure agents and editors are legitimate and scrupulous before you deal with them.
  • Hundreds of tips, quips and quotes from famous writers and the top writing instructors.
  • Writing conferences and seminars both local and from around the globe.
  • Discover contests being held near you as well as across the country.
  • National writers organizations, writers clubs, writers groups, critique groups and writers associations.
  • National writers organizations, writers clubs, writers groups, critique groups and writers associations especially for fiction writers including thriller, suspense, mystery, mainstream, western, scifi, fantasy, romance, historical and children's.
  • Horror Writers Association -- THE website for horror writers!
  • The International Thriller Writers (ITW) is an organization of thriller writers, from brand-name-famous to recently published as well as associates who support them. This organization puts on one of the best national conferences (ThrillerFest) every year in New York City, attracting well-known writers, editors and agents.
  • National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW)
  • The non-fiction writers section is for all types of non-fiction writers, including memoir writers, Christian writers, news/column/article writers, biographers and technical writers.
  • This is the memoir writers support page, where memoir information and support organizations will be listed.
  • The Christian writers page is for information and to provide a list of Christian writing organizations to support the writer.
  • This page is to inform and support news, column and article writers.
  • This page is to help support and inform biographers.
  • For non-fiction writers, this page is for information and support.
  • Information on poetry and poetry groups across the nation and over the globe.
  • List of screenwriting resources and sites connecting screenwriters and playwrights with movie producers and play producers from Broadway to Hollywood.
  • A resource for online writing groups, writing support groups, writing critique groups and writing blogs.
  • This is an economical short story or first pages of a novel contest service to improve your story and your chances of doing well in a writing contest. An editing service to improve story elements in order to make your story more attractive to contest judges--as well as agents and editors!
  • Novel Mechanix is an economical manuscript editing service for writers who wish to improve their manuscript by reducing mechanical errors, tightening plotlines, enhancing imagery and developing characters.
  • Independent Editors Group www.bookdocs.com
  • Consulting Editors Alliance website
  • Great Lakes Literary Services website
  • Everything the writer needs is right here!
  • Images, pics, photos abound. Every type from nature to industry, from restless to calm, from dynamic to static. Beautiful or gross, you'll find them here.
  • Cool site for finding photos of about anything. Great for research, idea stimulation, or just for curiousity!
  • Viewzi website -- a really neat site for photo searches. Try it!
  • Cool Iris website
  • NASA Photos, including Picture of the Day. Many star and galaxy pics.
  • Free Nature Photos of all Kinds
  • You Tube's website
  • Writing Services to help writers tune-up, edit, promote and publish their writing
  • Reader Hook Productions is a really neat new service, making film trailers from authors' novels. Make your novel or story seem like a feature film with a professionally produced movie trailer.
  • Publicity website

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