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The following is the list of Independent formatters and cover designers, in its entirety, emailed from Mark Coker’s website. All credit goes to Mark and his wonderful company for promoting and helping indie authors. Thank you Mark!

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*****  MARK’S LIST  ****

April 17, 2012

Independent Smashwords Formatters and Cover Designers

This list is divided into two sections:  Ebook formatters and Ebook cover designers.

Most are fellow Smashwords authors. We make this list available to you as a courtesy. We do not collect referral fees, and cannot warrant the quality of their work.

You’re hiring the freelancer, not Smashwords.

Please pay the service provider in advance via PayPal.

Feel free to report your experiences (positive or otherwise) back to Mark Coker of Smashwords at  The service providers may also report back to Mark, so please be professional and follow the instructions below.

To expedite communications with your chosen provider, add them to your email’s white list so reply emails don’t go to your spam folder.




Most formatters will assure your placement in the Smashwords Premium Catalog.

Review the Smashwords Style Guide at to learn how ebook formatting is different from print formatting (ebooks cannot and should not look like a facsimile of the print book, for example).

If you don’t have the time, skills or patience to implement the Style Guide, then hire from this list.

Novels, narrative non-fiction and narrative with images are the easiest to format, and they produce the highest quality ebooks at Smashwords. Some formatters charge more for non-fiction, images and linked Tables of Contents (ToCs) due to greater complexity.

Email your chosen provider your complete manuscript as a Word document, and ask them to estimate their fee.

Formatters do not perform editing, copy editing or proofreading because it is not their responsibility. If your book is filled with gross typographic errors, Smashwords cannot accept it into the Premium Catalog, even if the formatting is perfect.

Do not ask the formatter to upload your file for you. You must do this yourself.

Learn about the Premium Catalog review process and how Smashwords distributes at

If Smashwords formatting requirements change in the future, and your ebook requires further formatting modification, it is NOT the responsibility of the formatter or Smashwords to revise your book for you.




John Low

Fiction and Nonfiction start at $35. Price depends on complexity. Will work from PDF, MS Word, Pages and Open Office files. Will format linked TOCs/footnotes/endnotes and images. Premium Catalog guaranteed.


Lucinda Campbell

Fiction only. Pricing based on word count.

Under 10K words – $10

10K-20K  $15

20K-45K  $20

45K-80K  $25

80K-100K $30

100-125K – $35.00

+$5.00 for each extra 10k wds.  Pricing varies with inclusion of

photos/artwork or complex ToC. 50% deposit req’d.


Anne-Sophie Gomez (fluent in French and English)

Mon tarif est de $30/heure ou 20€/heure. J’aime l’idée de travailler avec des auteurs du monde entier. Envoyez-moi par mail votre document Word et je vous transmettrai un devis/estimation du coût. Je suis à l’aise aussi bien en anglais qu’en français, ma langue maternelle.

Contact :

I charge $30 per hour, or 20 €/hour. Email me Word document for a cost estimate in advance.


Annemarie Nikolaus (Fluent in German, Italian, English and French)

Mein Honorar beträgt 20 €/Stunde.

Belletristik und Sachbuch; keine Lyrik. Kostenvoranschlag auf Grundlage des Dokuments.

Ich konvertiere auch in andere Formate für lokale Plattformen.

20€/hour or the equal rate in other currency.

Fiction and non-fiction, no poetry.


Giuseppe Meligrana (Fluent in Italian, English) Servizio formattazione ebook per autori ed editori italiani.  Il compenso va dalle 25,00 € ad ora per le fiction alle 30,00 € ad ora per le non-fiction.

Mandami via mail il tuo manoscritto per una prima stima.  Offro anche servizio grafico per copertine.


Mario Carrasco Teja (Spanish and English)  Rates start at $30. Email me for a quote. Tarifas desde $30 USD.

Envíame un correo para cotizarte.


Shelley Schadowsky,

Full service ebook formatting, guaranteed Premium Catalog acceptance.

Standard $50 – Unlimited words and hyperlinks in paragraph form from

.doc(x) files.

Premium $100 –  With images (>5mb), detailed/custom work, .PDF/other exports.


Miss Mae

$15 for shorts up to 5,000 words, $45 up to 50k, $65 to 100k. Romance, inspirational, mystery, children’s (w/ no illustrations). No horror or erotic. References provided.


Fictionworks – Fiction only. $60 for up to 100,000 words.


Maureen Cutajar

$50 per title. Price includes a linked Table of Contents, limited footnotes/endnotes, hyperlinks, and up to 5 embedded images. Send me your file for a quote. I aim to provide quick turnaround.


Pat Rosier

New Zealand

04 292 8108

021 125 4398

$30 hr. US.  I am efficient and fast. I use Word 2004 for mac, which is fine with .doc files from any computer.


Elizabeth Beeton

FICTION starts at $65; NONFICTION starts at $80. Offers conversion/cleanup from PDFs, linked TOCs/footnotes/endnotes. Expert at complex jobs. Turnaround 2 weeks, rush service available. Request quote.


Katrina Joyner

Katrina Joyner or

Email Word .doc for an estimate.


Pete LeForge

Fiction, NF, drama, and poetry.

Short Stories and chapbooks: $25.

Novels up to 100,000 words and poetry up to 100 pp: $75.

Illustrations, footnotes, and complex lines may cost extra. Email your Word file for an estimate.


Les Denton,

Fast detail-oriented work by technology pro. Linked TOC, advice on Title/Copyright/Author pages standard. Fiction preferred. Starting at $75, rate varies based on multiple factors including complexity and rush jobs.


Jacob Drake

Based on word count.  Up to:

10k wds, $10

20k wds, $15

50k wds, $25

Otherwise inquire via email. Pricing may vary with artwork or complex ToC.


Marty Dobkins

$50 up to 50,000 words, $75 for over 50,000. Includes linked table of contents and up to 5 embedded images. No horror or erotic.


Jesse Gordon

Fiction only. $10 to $60 for up to 80,000 words. For longer or more complex, query. Linked ToC included. Quick turnaround. MS Word
or RTF format only, please.  More info:




The people listed below design ebook cover images.

Please note that these rates are low, so it’s unfair to ask for multiple revisions of your cover. If you expect multiple revisions, then settle this upfront with the designer and volunteer to pay more if necessary. Their time is valuable – please respect it.


Rita Toews, $40 per cover


Joleene Naylor

Portfolio: I have my own stock photography. Easy covers – like photographs or simple art work – $30.00 but for a lot of original art work runs higher. Jolene wrote this ebook on how to design low cost ebook covers:


Laura Shinn

Author/Book Cover Designer

$50 per cover and up to 3 changes on the final.

Visit My Cover Designs page:


Katrina Joyner

(original artwork)

Portfolio: or

Email for estimate


Donna (Champagne) Casey

Smashwords author page:

$50 per cover. Samples: or


Jeremy Taylor (GB)

Author, photographer, ebook cover designer

Price: Between $48 and $58


Judy Bullard

10 years experience designing romance covers, mysteries and children’s books.

$100 per cover, providing any graphics needed to best suit your needs.



Cal Sharp

Cover designs start at $39 with client-provided photos or artwork. Can create artwork if needed at a reasonable cost. Proofs provided.

Provides ebook formatting starting at $59 Smashwords author page:

Web site:


Renee Barratt

$95 per cover plus the cost of stock images

20+ years of experience

Promo links to your Smashwords book page on my site and my FB page included


Miss Mae

$35 per romance, inspirational, mystery, children’s cover. No horror or erotic.


Jennifer FitzGerald –

$25-$30 per cover not incl. any images I may have to purchase rights to use. Clients receive listing in my portfolio with link back to your Smashwords book page.


Tatiana Vila

$35 per cover, but fee may run higher if there’s need of stock images or artwork. Samples: and

My website:


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