–What John Locke Conveniently Left Out and Much More: THE Guide to Promoting and Marketing Your EBook Novel

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THE OUTLINE (and only AN outline–check back to see it develop into the full-content eBook)

Forward (coming soon)


I.          Beginnings

II.         A Good Book

A.   Title Considerations (full—explain a little about SEO)

B.   Editing & Critiquing

1.    Independent Editors

2.    Friends and Family

3.    Critique Groups

C.       Cover Art

1.    Do It Yourself

2.    Professional Graphic Artist

D.       A Few Words About Support Groups

III.        EBook

A.   Front Matter

1.    Essential info

2.    Dedication

3.    Brevity Add-ons

4.    TOC—Yea or Nay?

5.    Reviews?

B.   Back Matter

1.    Autograph (Kindlegraph link)

2.    Ask for Email

3.    Links to Blog/Website

4.    Links to Other Books

5.    Author Bio

C.       Chapter Headings

D.       Images

E.   Audio and Video

IV.       Where Do I ePublish?

A.   Amazon (the big dog)

1.    KDP Select

2.    KDP Standard

B.   Barnes and Noble Nook (Pubit!)

C.       Apple iBooks (Hey, Mac—got an Apple?)

D.       Kobo:

E.   Sony

F.    Google Play (Google Books)

G.       Others

H.       Smashwords

I.     That other one

V.        Book Page on Bookseller’s Site

A.   Considerations

1.    What is your goal?

2.    Search Engine Optimization

B.   Pricing

1.    Basics

2.    Buyer Groups?

a)   Free to $.99

b)   $.99 to $2.98 (consider psychological advantageous price points and your eBook getting lost)

c)   $2.99 to $5.99

d)   $6.99 to $9.99

e)   $10.00 and up

C.    Book Jacket Synopsis (blurb) Book Description

1.    Pitch (Grabber)

2.    Movie Trailer Summary

3.    Catchy Wrap-Up

D.    Likes

E.    Reviews and Just How Important Are They?

1.    Review Copies

2.    Paid

a)   Kirkus

b)   Other Legitimate Reviews

c)   John Locke’s Under the Table Method (and why Amazon doesn’t like it)

3.    Free

4.    Book Giveaways

5.    Clicking “Yes” or “No” for Helpful?

6.    Comments on Reviews?

F.     Customer Images

G.    Tags and Adding/Agreeing

H.    Things Out of the Author’s Control & Algorithms

VI.       Companion Versions

A.    Paperback (and hardcover)

1.    CreateSpace (why?)

2.    Lightning Source (advantages/disadvantages)

3.    Lulu (for hardcover and specialty)

4.    Others (why not?)

a)   PublishAmerica

b)   iUniverse

c)   Xlibris

d)   Vanity

B.    Audiobooks

VII.      Your Author Image (professional)

VIII.     Your Author Brand and Consistency

IX.       Your Author Platform

X.        Author Pages

A.    Amazon

B.    B&N Nook

C.    Smashwords

D.    Facebook

E.    Author Page

F.     Book Page

G.    Others

1.    Goodreads

2.    LibraryThing

3.    Shelfari

4.    Others

XI.       Author Websites and Blogs

A.    Author

B.    Blog

C.    Linking

D.    Affiliate Links (make some change?)

XII.      Networking and Social Media

A.    Kindle Boards

B.    Other “Boards”

C.    Other Peeps Blogs

D.    Comments on Posts

E.    Guest Blogging

F.     Blog Tours

G.    Twitter

H.    Facebook

I.      LinkedIn

J.     Kindle Nation Daily eReader News Today

K.    Open Submission Platforms such as Open Salon and Scribd

L.     Tools

XIII.     Big Reader Websites

A.    Goodreads

B.    LibraryThing

C.    Shelfari (Amazon)

XIV.     Videos

A.    Book Trailers

B.    Interviews

C.    Other

XV.      Email — professional look, including signature(s)

XVI.     Reader (fan) List

XVII.    Contests and Giveaways

A.    Why?

B.    Where?

C.    When?

XVIII.   Real World

A.    Biz Cards

B.    Book Marks

C.    Book Signings

XIX.     Consistency

XX.      Persistency

XXI.     Write More Really Good Books

XXII.    Your Own Master Plan

A.    Who am I and what do I want?

1.    Working on First Book

2.    Have Completed First Book

a)   Nonfiction

b)   Fiction

c)   Other (short stories & poetry)

d)   Combo

3.    Have Several Titles But No Social Media (Internet) Savvy

4.    Have Platform But Don’t Know What to Do With It (or hasn’t worked for me, yet!)

5.    Pay It Forward

B.    Number One—Prepare

1.    Get Organized (files, working schedule—how much time can you realistically devout to eBook promoting)

2.    Get in Shape (your titles, silly)

3.    Download Apps for Kindle, Nook, Kobo

4.    Buy a Kindle or Nook, Tablet etc.

C.    Number Two—Basic Plan

1.    Remember to “Pay it Forward”

2.    Tweeting

3.    Facebook  & LinkedIn

4.    Pinterest

5.    Readit! Etc.

6.    Blogs

7.    Giving Reviews

a)   How and Where

b)   What to say (more importantly: what not to say!)

8.    Land, Air and Sea

a)   Dog Park

b)   Public Transportation

c)   Gatherings and Restaurants

D.    Number Three—Intermediate Level Plan

1.    Your Blog

2.    Your Website

E.    Number Four—Pro Plan

1.    Giveaways

2.    Paying for Reviews

a)   Kirkus

b)   Others

F.     Number Five—Full Time Master Plan!

1.    Scheduling

2.    Public Appearances

a)   Yours

b)   Others

3.    Conferences and Writers Events

a)   Speaking

b)   Book Tables

c)   Socializing

G.    Supplement to Your Plan

1.    Pay it Forward

2.    Support Group

XXIII.   Useful Websites and Blogs for Indie EBook Authors

A.    WG2E Writers Guide to E-Publishing

B.    30 Day Books:

C.    Self Publishing Success Stories:

D.    Association of Independent Authors:

E.    The Passive Voice:

F.     Just Unfollow to manage Twitter:

G.    Gordon Kessler

H.    Indie Writers Alliance

I.      JA Konrath

J.     Ereader News Today Tips, Tricks, And Bargain Books For Your Kindle

K.    Kindle Nation Daily — All Things Kindle, Every Day

M.    John Locke

XXIV.  Commonly Used Terms in the EPublishing Biz

Thoughts? Comments? Would you like to be a contributor and get a byline in the book? Let me know–submit your experiences, what’s worked and what hasn’t worked for you. Add to The Master Plan? Give me your ideas!

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