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If you wish to participate in “The MASTER PLAN Promotion” (and have dozens of other indie authors tweet, blog and email about your work) please comment below. We’ll put you on the list!

Leave your:

1. Author’s name (or pen name)

2. Your website and/or blog URL

3. Titles you want promoted with their links–for others’ convenience, use a link shortener. These are the most popular link shortener sites:

***For an example, see the first comment below for my submission.***

What do I do after I list my name and info? Start “Your Own Daily Master Plan” (click) and:

Refer back to this list for IWA members who want you to promote their work and who will promote yours.

10 thoughts on “The MASTER PLAN Indies List

  1. Gordon Post author

    For: Hazel Hart

    Visit A Spirited Journey at
    and Keyhole Conversations at

    See my page on Authors Den:

    Download samples or purchase Seasoned Aspirer e-books at

    My blogs: A blog about my adventures in researching my Kansas historical novel A blog about reaching life goals

    Social Networks:
    Twitter: @hazelhart

    Books available:
    The Night before Christmas: a psychological suspense novel on Kindle at:
    On Smashwords at:
    In paperback on Lulu at:

    Family History: a mystery/suspense novel involving a locked house and a strangled woman
    on Kindle at

    Possessing Sara: a suspense novel involving a preacher, a psychic, a skeptical woman, and obsession
    On Kindle at

    Kiss Mummy Goodnight: a novella about a woman who inherits an Egyptian mummy with powers
    On Kindle at:
    On Smashwords at

    The Nancy Nolan Show: a short story collection about a television talk show host and her guests
    On Smashwords at
    In paperback on at:

    Dark Side of the Rainbow a collection of dark fiction with B.J. Myrick
    On Kindle at
    In paperback on at:

    Edge of Nowhere a collection of dark fiction with B.J. Myrick
    On Kindle at
    In paperback on at:


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