***Indie Gold EBook Award***

Knight's Ransom EBook Cover 7-9-13 AwardIG-E

(Left: sample plate – “your eBook cover here”  –  Right: plate enclosed in acrylic trophy)

The Indie Writers Alliance Indie Gold EBook Award

(a.k.a. “the IG-E”)

Indie Gold EBook (of the month)

  • One IG-E awarded per month
  • Entries accepted any day during the month prior to the award month (example: October IG-E entries will be accepted from September 1 to September 31).
  • Award will be announced by the 15th day of the award month (example: October’s award will be announced on October 15).
  • One IG-E Silver category awarded per month (must be at least five entries in a category before a category is awarded
    • Fiction (can be any size from short story to novel length
      • General
      • Fantasy
      • Mystery
      • Romance
      • Science Fiction
      • Suspense
      • Thriller
      • Western
      • Other
    • Nonfiction
      • General
      • How-To
      • Inspirational/Motivational
      • Memoir
      • Other
  • Entry Requirements
    • $8.99 entry fee–upon entering, you’ll receive an email with a PayPal link for payment online by credit card or check.
    • Book currently listed as Kindle eBook on Amazon
    • Criteria
      • Judged on (your full book will not be read or reviewed by judges):
        • Genre fit
        • Use of Amazon book page
        • Reviews
        • Cover design (image, title, author, use of space)
        • Sampling (front matter, story opening and formatting)
        • Online presence

Simple Entry Instructions:

Email me at: Gordon@gordonkessler.com with:

  1. Email Subject: IG-E Entry
  2. Include in the email:
    1. Author name
    2. Book title
    3. Book ASIN
    4. Book category/genre
    5. Amazon link, if possible
    6. Links for other online sites where this book appears
    7. A statement saying that:
      1. you own all rights to the eBook you’re entering
      2. You or a small “indie publisher” published the book


Sample email entry:

Author: Gordon Kessler

Book title: Brainstorm


Category/Genre: Thriller

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004AYDLP8    

Other links: (a few links for your book on sites like your blog/web site, B&N, Smashwords, Goodreads, LibraryThing, etc.)

I published and own all rights to the eBook: Brainstorm

          Gordon A. Kessler


You may enter as many eBooks as you’d like. No eBook may be entered twice in the same calendar month.

You should receive a PayPal payment request for $8.99 per entry within 24 hours. Please answer the request with full payment within 48 hours from the time of receipt.

What you get:

          All Entries:

1. Free listing for a minimum of one year with cover image thumbnail and link to Amazon book page on:

    1. Indie Writers Alliance Blog: (http://writersmatrix.com/wordpress/)
    2. Indie Writers Alliance Web Site: (http://www.indiewritersalliance.com/)
    3. Readers Matrix Website: (http://www.readersmatrix.com/)

2. Score sheet showing your “IG-E” rating for the contest

3. Entry into the monthly contest according to what calendar month the entry payment was received

4. Entry into Annual Contest for the “IG-E” (Annual winner chosen by popular vote made between May1 and May 15 for the annual award given in June of each year).

 Category Winners:

5. Highlighted, linked listing on above sites by category

Monthly Winners:

6. Premium Linked Listing with Amazon Book description on above sites

7. Acrylic Trophy (4” X 6”) with your book’s cover image and winner banner

Annual “The IG-E” Award Winner will receive:

8. Premium Linked Listing with Amazon Book description on above sites

9. Large 6” X 8” the “IG-E” acrylic trophy with your book’s cover image and winner banner.

IWA reserves the right to modify/change the above rules at any time in order to better fit the needs of the authors and readers.

If in any month, IWA does not receive at least 50 entries, those entries received during that month will be rolled over into the following month’s contest.

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